Here you will find what is the latest I am working on.

I have started to restore some cars and in the process use these as testing mules or project test beds.  In the process of the restoration I might go into details of some of the work to help others other to help restore their cars as well.

This is something new I have chosen to create to show or give more detail what is involved in development or even design of some of the parts in our cars.


Audi V8 (P3 project) Audi A6 avant (C4) project (new) -- --


AUDI V8 (P3)  (1990  3.6 V8 )

last update:  29 / MAY / 2017

So what we have here is a lovely 1990 Audi V8 (3.6 with auto transmission).

this is what appears to be one of only 3 ...there might be more don't know Portugal.

The car looks to be in good shape but several things will be done to turn this car into beautiful condition. 

  • -timing belt changed

  • -body work ...bad paint job / front bumper with damage rear bumper with damage.

  • - new CAC exhaust

  • -remove airbag steering wheel- replace with sport steering wheel

  • -new CAC front clear blinkers

  • - replace new rubber seals on headlights

  • -remove small dings in doors

  • -small improvement and updates on interior

  • UFO brakes changed to HP2 brakes

  • redo all wheels strip paint and polish rim.

  • rebuild rear brake calipers...(possible project?)

  • more?



well she is in place and ready to work...

Yes, that is an RS2 on the side...more of that later.

First step...remove the front bumper and front end to change the timing belt

The bumper will be redone at the same time...stripped fix and repainted correctly.

April 2016

while waiting to get the timing belt done...missing the correct VAG tools to do this...I restored the 16" BBS wheels. 

3 wheels were actually cracked and had severe damage, all was repaired, paint removed and new powder coating applied.


before removing (preparing)

Audi V8 engine removed

May 2017

it has been a long time since I posted any work on the car, it has been going along...a little every month, so far I have taken apart al the suspension (front and rear, sub-frames, and started cleaning up the body ( any dents ).

So I got the motor and transmission and decided...if I am going to do this..I better do it the right way. So I created a rolling chassis similar to what Audi used to install the engine in the factory, *this can be seen on U-TUBE (original Audi V8 factory assembly). as you can see in the pictures, this "cart" made the egine removal allot more fact I found it super easy. I have never pulled an engine this easy!!

The cart building process took about 1/2 day.

The whole removal process took about 30 -45 minutes. doing this job make sure you tag all the wiring harness connections...its easy ...use tape with letters or numbers to match ..this will save allot of headaches later (assembly).





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